Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flat Stanley

If you are a teacher, parent or librarian, you are probably aware of who Flat Stanley is and what it means to be presented with the opportunity to share your part of the world with a flattened version of your child, or a child you know.

My cousin's daughter - who is in the second grade - sent me a flattened version of herself and kindly asked me to share the sights of California with her (and her classmates). I was thrilled that she thought of me and even more excited to share with her the travel experiences that I was able to encounter on behalf of Kane/Miller.

I included photographs in the return shipment back to Armstrong Elementary from my recent trip to Dallas (TLA), Las Vegas (a personal adventure) and Atlanta (IRA).

The great thing about the Flat Stanley project is that it provides young people with the opportunity to learn about other parts of our world. I realized that this concept is not unlike the books Kane/Miller provides.

As a young reader, and even now, I love discovering new places and adventures while reading a book. Oftentimes I learn more about myself and the way others live in different parts of the world, or within our own country.

If you have a travel experience that you would like to share with Kane/Miller readers (especially if it ties in with a children's book), please do. We're always looking for more ways to invite young people to explore the world around them.

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Jeanette Larson said...

Flat Stanley is a lot of fun! Several years ago my husband and I took a cruise from Hawaii that went to a small island in the Pacific. Kirabiti (look it up) is literally in the middle of nowhere but we discovered at least 3 Flat Stanleys from the cruise ship on the island getting pictures taken. I wanted to have a "Friends of FS" meeting on the ship. I took my nieces Flat Stanley to a TLA conference about 10 years ago. He got to meet Carl (the dog) and go to the publisher's party. My niece felt so special telling stories about all that her doll did.