Friday, February 29, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Continuing from yesterday's list, which featured Kane/Miller books with strong female protagonists, today's list of titles feature their male counterparts. Again, I only include human characters in this list - although I'd still like to mention Dougal (Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear), Guji Guji, Slow Loris, Lucky, Dave (Sally and Dave), Jack Russell and Benny.

Dan from Dan's Angel:
A Detective's Guide to the Language of Paintings

Taro Gomi's nameless son from I Lost My Dad!

Kali from Kali and the Rat Snake

Jonathan from The Key to My Heart

Mustafa from My Father's Shop

Paul from Paul Needs Specs

Paul and Sebastian

Unnamed hero from Samsara Dog

Sebastian from Sebastian's Roller Skates

Norman from The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

Sosu from Sosu's Call

Tibili from Tibili:
The Little Boy Who Didn't Want to Go to School

Troy from Troy Thompson's Excellent Peotry Book

Eddie from What Eddie Can Do

Unnamed narrator from What's Going On?

Wilfrid from Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

Little Sala from Brush

Marc from Marc Just Couldn't Sleep

Kevin from:
Kevin Spends the Night
Kevin Takes a Trip
Kevin Goes to School
Kevin Goes to the Hospital

Harvey from The Team series:
The Soccer Machine
Top of the League
Soccer Camp

Thomas from Will You Carry Me?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Girl Power

We have many strong female protagonists among the characters found in our books. Several female characters were excluded from this list because they're not human, such as Bobbie Dazzler, Hannah Duck, Martine (from The Truffle Hunter), Rosaura (from A Bicycle for Rosaura) and Marta (from Marta and the Bicycle). There are quite a few girls to include in this list and I'll be sure to list their male counterparts in a future posting.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fast Forward

Technically, our Spring 2008 titles will not be released until March 1st, and yet, I'm asking you all to fast forward a little bit to talk about fall. Yes, that's right. I will now share the September 1st, Fall 2008, forthcoming books from Kane/Miller.

Included among the twelve books are two Toddler Tales that are being translated into Spanish (Las hermanintas son... - Little Sisters Are...- and Los hermanitos son... - Little Brothers Are...), Book #8 in the Jack Russsell Series - The Kitnapped Creature, four picture books (The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness, The Story of Growl, Something for School, There's No Such Thing as Ghosts), a modern-day fairy tale (Singing to the Sun), and four early readers (The Wicket Chronicles #1 and #2: Ely Plot and Fen Gold, Snake and LIzard, and Wombat & Fox.

From England

$5.95 (U.S.)

$5.95 (U.S.)

From New Zealand

$14.95 (U.S.)

From Australia

$13.95 (U.S.)

$15.95 (U.S.)

From Belgium

$13.95 (U.S.)

From South Korea

15.95 (U.S.)

From Australia

$15.95 (U.S.)

From England

$16.95 (U.S.)

Authors for this forthcoming season are Jucy Horacek, Vivian French, Colin Thompson, Terry Denton, Joy Cowley, Hyun Young Lee, Joan Lennon, Sally & Darrel Odgers, Emanuelle Eekhout, and Beth Norling. Gavin Bishop and Jackie Morris join us as new illustrators we're publishing and countries represented include our first book from New Zealand, along with Australia, England, South Korea, and Belgium.

More details to come...

Friday, February 22, 2008

To Bee or Not to Bee

A recent article alerted me to the growing concern about the health of honey bees who are responsible for about "one-third of what we eat."

There are several websites that explain, in detail, why there is a concern and how it will affect us and the future of agriculture.

Several companies are working together to inform, educate and raise money for more research, including:

From Japan

Honey, A Gift From Nature
Written by Yumiko Fujiwara
Illustrated by Hideko Ise

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kid at Heart

Being around children's books - and having a child of my own - keeps me young at heart. And speaking of hearts, check out this candy heart that I created for the K/M blog.

Click on the HEART to create your own!