Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Horse is a Horse...

Jules, over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, inspired the following post since just this morning, she's listed Seven Reasons to Go Buy or Blog About a Horse Book Today">a Horse Book Todaya Horse Book Today"> over on her site.

Kane/Miller is releasing two books featuring horses in early 2009 so here's a quick look at each:

Moonrunner, written by California native Mark Thomason is about a young boy and a horse. Taking place in the 1890s, this story features 12-year-old Casey, a boy who has moved from the U.S. to Australia. He misses his home in Montana and his friends, but most of all he misses the wild mustangs. When Casey discovers a herd of wild brumbies, he develops a bond with a stallion, Moonrunner, that changes his life, and his view on life in Australia.

With over 200 pages of outdoor adventures, school bullies and horse races, this book is filled with fast-paced, page-turning excitement for readers 9 and up.

The Mare's Tale is the second book in the new Pet Vet series by Australian husband-and-wife author team Darrel & Sally Odgers. In the new series, Trump the dog lives with her owner Dr. Jeanie behind the Pet Vet clinic. It's Trumps job to help the sick animals and her senses are so acute that she often draws conclusions before the humans have even begun to think! Trump tells the stories of the animal patients and their families and provides young readers with animal tips, vocabulary words, and a new understanding of the animal world.

Both titles will be available in March.


Jules at 7-Imp said...

Thanks, Sondra!

Sara said...

These both look like great reads.

And thank you for helping to spread the word about the Flying Horse Farms library. You obviously get the horse + kid magic!

Anonymous said...

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Dzagbe said...

May I recommend a horse story of a different kind. My children absolutely loved "Casey the Utterly Impossible Horse" by Anita Feagles. It's all about a self centered,domineering horse who spends all his time making his young owners life difficult. It's very funny.

Carol Coven Grannick said...

Any horse book goes right on my TBR table!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................