Tuesday, October 30, 2007

National Association for the Education of Young Children

I leave for Chicago a week from today. While I have every intention of writing the weekly newsletter while I'm on the road, I may have to send a summarized edition of weekly websites instead.

In the meantime, I'm gearing up for a week of fun-filled networking with early childhood educators. This is always a fun conference to attend because the teachers are so used to working with toddlers and young children in diapers that they can't help but be pleasant and excited to spend nearly 5 full days with other adults! We moms can relate and I too look forward to attending the National Conference and heading to the Windy City.

My sister will be joining me for this trip. I think it will be the first time the two of us will be together without our kids (or our parents) so I'm sure we'll be laughing non-stop, like two giggling girls at a sleepover - at least for the first few nights, before we remember what it was like to share one bathroom!

Books about siblings are always a great hit which is why I am especially eager to introduce the Toddler Tales series at this conference and let the attendees know about the spring additions to the series: Little Brothers Are... and Little Sisters Are... by Beth Norling.

From Australia

by Beth Norling

Little School

(K/M, 2003)

Beth is the very talented Australian author/illustrator who brought us Little School, a wonderful book for pre-schoolers and for the adults who want to help get them prepared for the daily routine of laughing, learning, and playing with friends.

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