Monday, June 30, 2008

Sam I Am

Pardon me while I brag. My sister welcomed Baby #2 early this morning. His name is Samuel but I've already taken to calling him Sam or Sammy - I haven't figured out yet which shortened version will suit him and probably won't until I meet him in August.

Big Brother was excited to meet him and couldn't get over how tiny his fingers and toes are. In a few weeks, when the new routine has kicked in and my nephew realizes that the baby is here to stay, I have a feeling he'll be thinking the same thoughts as the narrator in What's Going On? as he tries to figure out his new role and redefines his status as the first-born.

There are several books from the K/M list that I plan on sharing with him when I visit in August (besides the above title):
  • Little Brothers Are... This is a great book that covers a wide range of emotions (and adjectives) that celebrate the relationship between siblings.
  • And After That... This adorable, lift-the-flap book discusses before and after events, ending with the before baby family rituals and the new routines established when baby arrives.
  • Guji Guji I'm sure at some point, all brothers (and sisters) think about tossing their younger siblings to the crocodiles.
  • When I Was a Baby Narrated by a little boy (not much older than 3), this book from the Toddler Tales series talks about the memories big brother has of his days as the baby of the family.
  • Breasts Because every young person should learn about breastfeeding and the reason for their existence.

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