Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friday, June 20th is Take Your Dog to Work Day. If you work at home, you should take a day off and spend it outside with your canine companion. I won't tell your boss.

Kane/Miller does not have a staff dog (not since our previous office pet tried to attack the postman) but we do have the occasional visitor stopping by to say hello.

For those who don't already know, our publisher has a terrier - pictured here and inspired by - Coco from Happy Birthday Coco. If there's anyone who has a pet either named after a book character or who reminds you of one, please leave a comment with your pet's name and breed (and where the name came from).


Marya Jansen-Gruber said...

I am lucky enough to work at home so I have two dogs who share my workspace with me. One is named after a character in book. He is a Whestie chihuahua mix (picture that if you can!) and his name is Pippin. I was listening to the Lord of Rings books when I got Pippin and named him after one of the hobbits in the story - Peregrine Took (Pippin for short.

Jeanna Dennis said...

I am a school librarian, so my dog had to have a literary name. My year old, 3 pound yorkie is named Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird. I am from Alabama...