Friday, July 25, 2008

Literary Tattoos

Those who know me, or have met me in person, know that I am a fan of tattoos, both temporary and otherwise!

Contrariwise is a blog dedicated to photos of literary tattoos, both from lyrics of literature, poetry and music to images found inside children's books.

Betsy Bird from SLJ's A Fuse #8 Production created temporary tattoos for the Newbery/Caldecott awards dinner at ALA last month.

For me, I think I'd prefer a quote - my favorite lines from Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear and written with the same scratchy font found inside the book.
"...sometimes bad things happen so that good things can happen. You just have to make the best of it."
If you were to sport a literary tattoo - even for one night - what would you choose?

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