Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stanford University Bookstore

I arrived in San Jose yesterday morning. I went directly to the campus after driving down University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto. I rented a bike as soon as I checked into my room and got settled in.

I met a wonderful group of people yesterday afternoon during the opening session as well as during the cocktail reception and dinner. The evening closed with an inspiring speech from Dorothy Kalins, former executive editor of Newsweek, and the first woman to be named Adweek's Editor of the Year.

Today, there were five separate sessions with many wonderful speakers, including Robert Miller (Harper Studio), Paul Saffo, Bill Tancer, and Kevin McKean (Consumer Reports).

Tonight, I will attend the 8pm session on the Art of the Interview presented by Dick Stolley (Time, Inc.), Greg Curtis and Mark Miller (Newsweek).

Until then, I enjoy the ambiance at the University Cafe. There was a bit of a problem with the internet connection on campus but I hopped on my bike after the last session this afternoon and found this hip, comfortable & computer friendly cafe which I plan on returning to later this week.

Also a place where I've returned to after my first discovery was the Stanford University Bookstore. That place is so overwhelming with its 5 floors of books, art & office supplies, clothing and computer products to explore.

Their kids section was amazing, and very busy. I definitely plan on stopping in this week and introduce myself to the buyer - if I can time it so that we're both there at the same time.

Stay tuned for more updates from Palo Alto.

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