Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Brothers Are...

I don't have any brothers so I can't say for sure what the experience is like but watching my nephew with his new baby brother was certainly a pleasure and a treasure I will remember as they get older. I can just hear myself now, telling stories to the two of them about how loving and affectionate big brother J was towards his baby brother (at least that was the case last week).

I wish I could capture how much love was expressed in the countless number of times my three-year-old nephew brushed his lips on his brother's hair or toes, or fingers, or... you get the point. The fact that he did this all on his own, at random times throughout the day, made it even more poignant.

My sister is a few years older than me and among my dozens of cousins, there are mostly females (on both sides of our family), and we all, for the most part, have sons of our own. Watching babies and children grow up has been a life-changing experience and my little guy is not even five yet.

Check out the following Kane/Miller books that touch on the subject of new babies, siblings and family. They make great gifts when welcoming a loved one into the world.

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