Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Will Make a Difference

booda brand, a clothing line founded by Ruchika Sahai and including Tinna Petursson as the Director of Retail Enlightenment (love that title), produces organic clothing with proud statements that are simple and direct (DREAM, IMAGINE, COURAGE, LOVE, PEACE, etc).

Ruchika states that, "as a new parent, my deepest desire is to share the values and spirit of diverse cultures with my children in the most unique ways. Most importantly, I want to be an example of one who follows my bliss while affecting positive change in the world."

And Tinna's role behind-the-scenes is "about being a part of something that will change a child's world."

Staying true to that promise, for every purchase, Booda brand will gift ONE book to a child in need through the organization Room to Read.

View their line of organic "conversational clothing" which include:

IMAGINE a Wild Kingdom tee – Inspired by the effort to protect wildlife in Africa

Way of the Samurai COURAGE tee – Inspired by the courage of the Samurai to live by the moral principles of the Bushido Code

Joie de Vivre LOVE tee – Inspired by the French motto “joie de vivre” which expresses the cheerful joy of life

DREAM tee – Inspired by the less fortunate children of India who dream of a more abundant life

Under One Sky PEACE tee – Inspired by the hope that one day the Middle East will see a lasting peace

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