Friday, December 21, 2007

Art by Judy Horacek

We're pleased to announce that we'll be publishing Judy Horacek's picture book, Growl, for our Fall 2008 list. I'm also excited to share her smart and funny (and feminist) cartoons, which can be found on her website.

More on Growl: Growl is a gorgeous little monster who loves to growl more than anything. She gets into a bit of a disagreement with her neighbors, who don't appreciate her growling (day and night). Growl is then banned from doing what she loves most of all.
How will Growl get her growl back?

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! We are so looking forward to seeing a copy of Growl in our local library so that I can read it in our preschool story hour!

Thanks so much for publishing it!

Rose Momsen
Point Roberts, WA