Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Museums & More

I don't normally brag about interviews I've done (except perhaps to my own Mom). This time, however, for an article in the Winter 2008 issue of Museums & More, I'm included among some other experts in the industry, such as Susan Raab, Judy Brunsek, Jennifer Ellison, Julie Ritchie and Megan Beidl.

Chapter & Verse, written by Abby Heugel, compiles advice and words of experience about selling books in speciality gift shops. I'm eager to introduce Jukebox to buyers in the speciality since it is a book that won't quite fit into many other markets so easily.

My own personal jukebox (aka ipod) keeps me motivated and passes the time while I'm in on a road trip, stuck in traffic or simply on my way to the grocery store so I'm anticipating that music lovers will take pleasure in this forthcoming title from France by David Merveille.

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