Sunday, December 9, 2007

Double Double Sports Sunday

Talk turned to sports on more than one occasion this evening, amongst more than one circle of peers. First we discussed hockey when I was introduced to a publishing representative from Minneapolis. Quickly the conversation turned to the NFL (it is Sunday) and before I know it, we're discussing sports in different parts of the world and how the rules, equipment and even names vary.

It isn't something I think much about, but once it was pointed out to me, the sports that are represented in some of our picture books serve as yet another reminder of the similarities and differences between cultures and communities around the globe.

From England

Hit the Ball Duck
by Jez Alborough

From Australia

The Team series
Written by David Bedford
Illustrated by Keith Brumpton

From Australia

Could a Tyrannosaurus Play Table Tennis?
by Andrew Plant

And speaking of differences, do you know what you would get if you ordered a coffee double double North of the border? I drink my coffee black but if you're heading to Canada, you may want to study up on the lingo before you head to the nearest coffee shop.

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