Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Listen to the Music


Ten tokens to the first person who can name the group who sings that tune (from the title above). Don't ask me what the ten tokens can be used for. Perhaps I'll have to provide access to the David Merveille's Jukebox with those gold coins. If only it were that would be something.

From France comes the latest Kane/Miller nearly-wordless picture book from author/illustrator, David Merveille - a collection for music lovers of all shapes and size (and genres). This great hand-selling title includes a lively saloon-size crowd of listeners. From Opera to Hip Hop, from Jazz to Punk, every musician, fan and shower-singer (or in my case, the car) will find something to love in this pint-sized Jukebox which will leave you smiling, and humming your favorite melody.


by David Merveille
Hardcover with Dust jacket
March 1, 2008

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