Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hot Men of Children's Literature

Over a year ago, our German author / illustrator Sebastian Meschenmoser appeared on A Fuse #8 Production blog as one of the Hot Men of Children's Literature that Betsy so generously shares with the kidlit world.

Our spring 2008 books are finally visible on line, which means our authors and illustrators appear now as well. Don't miss the
video featuring Felice Arena reading from his new book: Sally and Dave, A Slug Story. Felice Arena is a very talented - not to mention handsome - author and illustrator from Australia. I'd say he'd make a great addition to the HMOCL collection! (Are nominations still open?)

Did I mention that he was once an actor on the Australian soap opera, Neighbours, of which Russell Crowe was once a cast member?

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