Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving Thanks

This week is a quiet week. Many schools are closed and businesses as well as parents take advantage of the opportunity to spend quality time with their children.

The busiest time of year - for just about everyone - is upon us. My father's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year - and just about every other year it seems. He's taking off on a trip by himself to visit his brothers on the East Coast. My mom will be enjoying the holiday with her sisters, I will be spending time with "family" in La Jolla while my sister will be joining her in-laws this Thursday for a large gathering and a lovely meal.

Family is something that connects us all, whether we are linked by blood, namesake, or just the bond of being present in each other's lives, whether physically or otherwise.

I plan on taking this week to slow down and really spend some quality time with my son. Even though he's with me 60% of the time (not that I'm keeping track), I can't help but feel as though the hustle and bustle of daily life keeps us somewhat disconnected at times.

There are several Kane/Miller books that highlight families of all shapes and sizes. Here are just a few to share with your loved ones:

From Australia

Are We There Yet?

by Alison Lester

From France


Written by Anne-Laure Fournier le Ray

Illustrated by Roser Capdevila

From Taiwan

Guji Guji

by Chih-Yuan Chen

From the Netherlands


by Sieb Posthuma

From Germany


by Jutta Bauer

From Israel

The Key to My Heart

Written by Nira Harel

Illustrated by Yossi Abulafia

From the Philippines

The Mats

Written by Francisco Arcellana

Illustrated by Hermès Alègrè

From Australia

When Mum Was Little

by Mini Goss

From Belgium

You Be Me, I'll Be You

by Pili Mandelbaum

In the above book list, there are eight unique countries represented! Kane/Miller currently represents over 20 different countries from our current title list. Please help us to open young minds to the world by sharing this post with the book lovers in your life.

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