Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Parlor Room

My flight from San Diego to Chicago was delayed by over an hour this afternoon. It gave me time to run a few errands, but I've arrived to the hotel so late that the only room they have available is a parlor room. It sounds nice and the young lady at the front desk made sure to emphasize that the room is twice as big as a standard room but I think she may have mentioned something about the fact that there isn't actually a bed in the room.

I realize it's 9pm and I've been on an airplane for over three hours and even though I'm still on Pacific Time I really have no excuse, but did she really just tell me that there's no bed in the room? I asked her to repeat what she just said and in fact, I was not mistaken.

It seems that the Parlor Room is perfect for having guests over, dinner for four, watching Monday Night Football or simply hosting a party. But I just want a bed to sleep in. This lovely, corner room with a beautiful view is not only next to the ice machine (yes, it does make ice A-L-L N-I-G-H-T), but my neighbors are taking full advantage of their parlor room by hosting at least 5 or 6 ladies. I might join the party in a minute...

I enjoy traveling. I especially love the comforts of being away and not having dishes or laundry to do and 24-hour room service, but this whole bed thing? Perhaps I'll have better luck tomorrow when they switch me to a room with a view, I mean bed.


Jen Robinson said...

Wow, Sondra! I've had some bad hotel room experiences, but that one takes the cake. Good luck recovering!

Bkbuds said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I've never even heard of a parlor room. What a strange concept. Who would rent a hotel room without any sort of bed in it?

My sympathies, but I hope the rest of your stay in our fair city is fun.

Kelly said...

Hi Sondra:

It's great to see you here! I'll add you to the blogroll tomorrow.

I'm sorry about the Chicago weather. It's cold, isn't it?