Monday, November 12, 2007

Stuck in the Muck...Oh #$%@!

I swear this is something that was sent to all Kane/Miller employees last week but I won't give away the sender's identity...

This article, posted on the UK's Metro News site, claims that swearing at work is good and I have to agree that swearing does (as the article mentions) "help to relieve stress and build team spirit."

Now, if only we could argue for this in all professional settings. I'm sure NFL coaches and players on the sidelines would love to shout out some expletives if it weren't for the TV cameras on them during the entire "show." After all, building team spirit is what the game is all about, right?

What about surgeons, when they've discovered that they've left some important tool inside their patient after surgery? I'm sure they don't wash their mouth out with soap after these frustrating situations, but probably should.

Let's face it, feeling comfortable enough to use whatever type of language you feel is necessary under any circumstance is what makes a workplace great (or not). This article explains - in a lighthearted way - how speaking openly encourages employees to express their feelings and to further develop and strengthen workplace relationships.

Speaking of relationships, we've decided to change the name of our Customer Service / Accounts Manager position to Relationship Manager. We're hoping that the relationship we have with our accounts / customers will impro
ve greatly with the use of this new language.

And we promise we won't swear if you call us with a problem - at least not until we've hung up the phone.

From England
Duck in the Truck
by Jez Alborough

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