Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hotel Room Confessions

My sister and I got back to the hotel after dinner last night feeling pretty exhausted. We took our time peeling off our shoes and getting ready for bed. Somehow, we managed to start packing, take turns using the bathroom, and check our email before finally sitting down on the bed to unwind. The room was very quiet, except for a strange noise that I couldn't quite recognize.

When I finally figured out what it was I was hearing, I started giggling - quietly at first - but then I couldn't stop. What I heard was the man next door snoring! The walls were so thin in this hotel that it sounded as though he were literally right next to us.

I wonder what types of things our neighbors heard from our room over the last few days. I'm sure we talked about our sons (on at least one occasion). I think I may have brought up the negative aspects of potty-training, such as having to continually wipe urine off of the walls, cabinets, floor and anything else within a 3-foot radius of my son (we're working on his aim).

From Belgium
Standing Up
Written by Marie-Anne Gillet
Illustrated by Isabelle Gilboux

It's always interesting to hear what others have to say when they think no one else can hear them. And so, with the Website of the Week (that I have grown accustomed to sharing in the weekly Kane/Miller newsletter) in mind, I thought it'd only be fitting to mention this quirky (and dare I say vulgar at times) website:

I can't decide which I enjoy better - this new discovery or True Office Confessions. I'll let you decide.

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